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Pool Service for Belpre, Ohio,
And Surrounding Areas

Ruth Pools LLC Offers A Weekly Pool Maintenance Service and More

Are you looking for pool service for Belpre, Ohio, and surrounding areas? Our service at Ruth Pools LLC does not end after installation of your pool. We offer a weekly pool maintenance service for pools to ensure they stay clean all summer long. Nothing is worse than trying to relax in a dirty pool. With our weekly maintenance service, we will:

  • Remove leaves and debris from both the skimmer basket and the strainer-housing basket
  • Use a leaf skimmer to remove any leaves, bugs, and more that have fallen in the pool
  • Vacuum the pool to remove any dirt or debris
  • Test the water and adjust for PH and total alkalinity levels
  • Test free chlorine and total chlorine levels and add chlorine tablets to your chlorinator
  • Add clarifier, as needed
  • Add algaecide, as needed
  • Backwash filter, if necessary
  • Check the pool’s water level and adjust accordingly
  • Add shock, if necessary (if pool water is cloudy, or with a tint of green)
  • …and more.

With our weekly maintenance service for your pool, you will not have to worry about a dirty pool again. Leave your crystal-clear pool to the pros. Call us at (740) 423-1352 or contact us online to schedule your weekly maintenance today.

Pool Pump, Filter, Heater Repair, and
More for Athens, Ohio

Are you looking for pool pump, filter, and heater repair for Athens, Ohio? We understand how concerning it is when your pool pump, filter, or heater needs repairs. Your pool should be useable at all times. This is why we provide fast and efficient repair for pool pumps, pool filters, pool heaters, and more. We can repair and replace pool liners, too. Pool owners may replace pool liners for a number of reasons. Whatever the reason may be, we are here to help. Call us today for pool pump, pool filter, pool heater, or general pool repair.

Water Testing and Pool Chemicals Near McConnelsville, Ohio

Ruth Pools LLC offers free water testing to pool owners near McConnelsville, Ohio. It is important to have pool water tested frequently to catch any imbalances. It is especially important throughout the summer when you have a lot of swimmers, sunscreen, and more in your pool.

To get pool water tested at Ruth Pools LLC, bring at least three ounces of fresh water to the store in a clean container. Collect the water and bring it to the store immediately for ultimate freshness. The clean container should have no air space, preferably. Once we test the water, we can suggest what chemicals to use and instructions for use. Trust the pool pros and Ruth Pools LLC to get your pool sparkling once again.

Be Cool, Own A Pool!

Browse our Wide Selection of Pool Chemicals, Pool Equipment, and More

Ruth Pools LLC is your destination for all things pool-related. We sell a wide variety of pool chemicals, pool equipment, and more. Visit us to find the pool supplies and pool equipment that you need.

If you are unsure of what to purchase to solve a specific problem, our staff can provide guidance and advice. Visit us today at 725 Joe Skinner Road in Belpre, Ohio, to browse our inventory.

Ruth Pools LLC offers pool service
for Belpre, Ohio